American service is an enduring promise that crosses generations, connects us to one another, and inspires hope.  When we serve our country and one another, we put our shared American values into action.

When I served as a federal prosecutor with the United States Department of Justice or an FBI agent following the terrorist attacks on 9/11, I walked in the footsteps of so many Americans who believe in honest American service.

Throughout my life, I have always believed that public service is a privilege.  It is not an entitlement program for career politicians. 

I am a Democrat running for Congress in Florida's 12th congressional district against a career politician who has been in office for two decades.  Career politicians who sell out to the highest bidder or to political power brokers violate the trust we all place in our government.  What’s worse, they turn their backs on our shared values and the true meaning of American service. 

Like you, I believe in faith and trust, strength and security, optimism and opportunity in our community and in our country.

Let’s renew our shared American values and restore honest American service for all of us.

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