Great news! Alex Sink, former statewide elected Chief Financial Officer for Florida, endorsed me today! 

Alex Sink is one of Florida’s finest public servants. In addition to serving as Florida’s CFO, she was the 2010 Democratic nominee for Governor.

Alex has been a successful business executive and a visionary leader her entire life. She received the Greater Tampa Chamber of Commerce Profile in Leadership Award in 2017 in recognition of her many accomplishments on behalf of the business community and her support of entrepreneurs, small business owners, and the growing tech sector in the Tampa Bay area.

I am deeply honored to have her support and endorsement. I am also glad to share with you what she said about what this campaign means for all of us:

“Chris Hunter’s commitment to principled leadership and American service will make him an outstanding advocate in Congress for all Floridians. He has demonstrated through his service at the United States Department of Justice and his thoughtful vision for our future that he has what it takes to be a strong leader who can bring people together.”

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