Hunter Stands Up for DOJ, FBI, and Rule of Law in Tampa Bay Times Op-Ed

In a Tampa Bay Times op-ed published in print and online today, Chris Hunter, former DOJ prosecutor and FBI agent, described the troubling nature of recent conduct by congressional leaders on the House Intelligence Committee and placed it in modern and historical context, writing:

I served in career appointments in the Justice Department and the FBI during both Republican and Democratic administrations. Not once in the Bush or Obama administrations did elected or politically appointed individuals purposely set out to destabilize our democratic institutions. Not once in either of those administrations did politicians seek to sow doubt about law enforcement for partisan gain. Not once in either of those administrations did anyone holding political power run a disinformation campaign against our own country.

Hunter ended his op-ed by reminding readers of the importance of being a champion for democracy in a tradition that dates to Thomas Paine and our nation’s founding.  Read the full op-ed here: