New York Times Quotes Hunter On Concerns About Public Trust Following Trump’s Assault on the Law

The New York Times cited Chris Hunter in its analysis of the impact of Trump’s assault on the Department of Justice, the FBI, and the law more broadly following Trump’s escalated attacks on the heels of the guilty plea of Michael Cohen. Cohen, Trump’s former attorney, pleaded guilty to federal crimes that implicate Trump, prompting Trump to attack the use of cooperating witnesses even though it is lawful.

Former prosecutors and defense lawyers said the president’s embrace of that notion — spread broadly by his bully pulpit and given a measure of validity by the office he holds — is likely to undermine trust in the justice system and weaken the government’s ability to win in court.
“How long will it take before a federal criminal defendant claims in court in front of a jury that the president of the United States rejects the legitimacy of cooperating witnesses and so too should jurors?” said Christopher Hunter, a former F.B.I. agent and prosecutor. “If only one juror agrees, a dangerous criminal could walk free.”…
“No matter when this all ends, Trump will have caused long-lasting damage to the ability of the Justice Department and the F.B.I. to execute on its mission,” Mr. Hunter said. “He is sacrificing our public safety and national security on the altar of his own ego.”

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