Tampa Bay Times Reports on Hunter’s Referral of Corruption Allegations To the VA OIG and Bilirakis’ Silence

The Tampa Bay Times reported that Chris Hunter referred allegations of corruption at the VA by “Mar-a-Lago Millionaires” to the VA Office of Inspector General while Congressman Gus Bilirakis, who is Vice Chairman of the House Veterans Affairs which has responsibility for VA oversight, failed even to inquire about the allegations with the VA Secretary despite evidence in the public record.  As the Tampa Bay Times reported,

“Mar-a-Lago millionaires playing politics with the VA not only presents risk of corruption, it presents risk of program failure and harm to the veterans and families the VA is duty-bound to serve,” Hunter wrote to Inspector General Michael J. Missal.
Hunter, a former federal prosecutor and FBI agent, quit his job with the Department of Justice in Tampa in December to run for Congress. While with the DOJ, Hunter worked on a task force that investigated fraud in the Tricare health care program for military families.
“Complicity is when a member whose job it is to oversee the VA looks the other way when allegations of corruption are presented that implicate the president's Mar-a-Lago millionaire buddies,” Hunter told the Tampa Bay Times.

Read the full article here http://www.tampabay.com/florida-politics/buzz/2018/08/23/gus-bilirakis-and-chris-hunter-diverge-on-mar-a-lago-influence-on-va/