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Faith and Family

From all faiths, from all types of families, we are one America united by a fierce love for our country and hope for our future.

  • We honor our faith and our families when we make government work for all generations, for all people.
  • We renew our founding spirit when we weave together our differences into one American fabric.
  • We answer a sacred call when we care for one another and help each other rise.


A Strong and Secure America


American power is greatest when we lead the world, a beacon showing others the way toward freedom, democracy, security, and stability.

Yet we face dark, complex, and evolving threats.

In the darkness, the strength of our light must pierce through, powered by military might, strategic intelligence, innovative research, economic superiority, and moral authority. 

Let us once again be the light of the world.

  • Terrorists shall enjoy no sanctuary. Superior firepower, aggressive counterterrorism measures, and sophisticated intelligence operations must drive our security strategy.
  • Russia is a clear and present danger to the United States. We emerged victorious over the Soviet Union in the Cold War. We must resolve anew to secure an uncompromising victory over Russia and its tyrannical regime.
  • Cyber attacks from nation-states, transnational crime syndicates, and rogue actors present devastating risk. Hardening cyber defenses across all sectors of society, developing and deploying countermeasures, and bolstering research centers such as the Florida Center for Cybersecurity at USF are key components of our response to this 21st century challenge.



Embracing a changing, increasingly globalized economy and rising to meet its challenges with 21st century solutions will create the jobs and opportunities we all desire. 

Wherever we are on our journey, whether we are supporting ourselves, our families or even extended families, we seek this same opportunity—to plant our feet and rise to meet new challenges.

Let’s open the door of opportunity for all of us so that we earn 21st century wages, in 21st century jobs, working at 21st century businesses.

  • Good-paying jobs are the cornerstones of our communities. We must encourage job creation while supporting all workers who contribute to successful businesses and strong communities.
  • Our modern economy requires a solid educational foundation and lifelong learning. Providing schools and teachers with the resources to build that foundation and supporting workforce investment programs and skills and job-ready education for working-age adults can help us keep pace with 21st century changes.
  • Successful modern businesses believe in a triple bottom line where profit, people, and planet count. These businesses are pistons in a sustainable economic engine whose power we can harness to drive us forward.

Health Care We Can Count On


Each of us needs access to quality, affordable health care for ourselves, our children, our grandchildren, our grandparents, and our parents. 

As a federal prosecutor with the United States Department of Justice Health Care Fraud Strike Force, I fought to protect health care programs that we all depend on by prosecuting criminals who stole from Medicare, TRICARE, and private insurance plans. 

Let’s work together, for each other, to protect our ability to get health care when we need it and improve our system so that it works for all of us.

  • Health care saves lives and coverage helps prevent poverty. We have a special responsibility to extend care and coverage to our veterans, children, seniors, working families, the poor, and those with disabilities.
  • Illness does not discriminate and neither should health care programs. Preventing discrimination based on pre-existing conditions protects all of us and our families.
  • Getting health care right requires cooperation and openness, not partisanship and secrecy.  We can continuously improve coverage choices and prices so that we all have affordable care we can count on.

A Clean and Healthy Environment

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Florida’s natural environment is a national treasure. 

The majesty of our springs, our soul-stirring parks, preserves, and rural lands, our stunning beaches and warm ocean waters, and the best fishing in the country—Florida is ours to take care of not only for ourselves but for generations to come.

  • Water security is our responsibility. Investing in our water infrastructure while getting better at wise use and pollution prevention will help ensure access to clean water.
  • Gulf coast waters and shorelines are economic drivers for our region. Maintaining the ban on offshore drilling will protect our fisheries, coastal communities, and businesses.
  • Resilience to climate change is a leadership opportunity. By developing innovative responses to climate change challenges, we can signal Florida as a leader in sustainability solutions that the world increasingly needs. 

Public Safety and Protecting Personal Freedoms

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Our federal, state, and local law enforcement professionals are the best in the world.

I am thankful to have served side by side with them in the United States Department of Justice.

All of us, those in law enforcement and those who benefit from their service, have the same aspirations: safe communities to live in and raise our families, and fair, even-handed, and effective enforcement.

  • Smart crime-fighting results in safer communities. Targeting enforcement for greatest impact, providing law enforcement with the training and resources to do their jobs safely and successfully, and promoting community policing and partnerships advance our shared pursuit of justice.
  • Preventing crime strengthens our communities and our commitment to one another. Standing up for our schools, creating economic opportunity, giving children who make mistakes a second chance, reducing substance abuse and supporting rehabilitation—the methods of prevention are many, the results are one: safe communities we are proud to call home.
  • Our country’s finest exports include these ideals: the rule of law, equal justice, and protection of personal freedoms. We walk in the footsteps of those who fought for freedom throughout our nation’s history when we work together to breathe life into these ideals every day, here at home.